A short presentation (15 min) of pytrnsys and its features can be found in the following YouTube video.

The pytrnsys package provides a complete python-based framework to build, post-process, plot, and report TRNSYS simulations. It is designed to give users a fast, fully automatized, and reproducible way to execute and share TRNSYS simulations by the use of a single short configuration file. In addition, a large variety of commands is accessible to post-process simulation results in one shot. This functionality extends beyond processing TRNSYS generated data and can also be used for analyzing generic data. These could be, e.g., measurement data that are structured in a similar way as the TRNSYS results.

The package was developed at the SPF - Institute for Solar Technology at the OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.



A first version of this package was created in 2013 and since then it has evolved considerably. We would like to thank the Swiss Federal Office Of Energy (SFOE) who supported many projects related to simulations of renewable energy systems where this code has been developed. We would also like to thank the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for the funding received in TRI-HP under the Grant Agreement No. 81488 and in PLURAL under the Grant Agreement No. 958218. These projects allowed to dedicate efforts in sharing the code with the consortium and to make it usable for others.